The Vinyl Vandals are a collective of like minded people & souls, who have connected over time, coming together with positive outlook.  We always support the creatives around us and here is a salute to them! Vv&out 

Alexandra Oddie

“I am inspired by the use of everyday materials; the most disregarded material can be an object of beauty. My art communicates a community of diverse culture. A second skin to a preexisting surface. Each tile represents an individual. An identity, formed by the same technique but visually very different. The interpretation of the grid is that of a controlled society, conforming to a role of a mundane lifestyle and limited development.

The process behind my art work is that I cast ceramic tiles embedding recycled objects. These objects manipulate the material, create texture and also create reactions. The materials I use help create a human like skin, hair regrowth and help depict age. Visually something quite complex, revealing a thousand stories.

Throughout my career my art work has developed through experimentation with materials, even more so through my residency here at The Firestation. In the past my work was simplistic and I only used a single material, whereas now I very much regard myself as a mixed media based artist.”


Onenine9teen creates premium cycling caps from the finest of cloths. Inspired by the energy of the peloton and the quality of British tailoring. 

Made in London.

Oliver Trenchard Brand owner, skilled premium tailor and very close friend of the Vv collective, creates premium cycling caps from the finest of cloths. Inspired by the energy of the peloton and the quality of British tailoring said the following... 



sØlar a multi-talented artist from Manchester, who produces non-digital collages by hand using either scissors or a scalpel. 

Influenced by astrology, modernism, iconic photography and vintage magazines, sØlar's Surreal Collages are real visions of art with a difference.

sØlar said.... "I've never worked with digital methods as I always prefer to work analogue with whatever source material I find from old science magazines to books on the Himalayas and trusty old vintage National geographics."

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The Lounge MCR

The Lounge is an entertainment concept which provides a platform for creativity and innovation. The Lounge embodies this by showcasing unique art and talent on live shows. We like to call it ‘Loungin’ .The unique and inspirational talent includes a circuit of comedians, musicians, artists and poets to name a few. We have played host to the best award winning comedians that stand at the forefront of British talent. With the best urban talent to ever grace the stage, The Lounge promises to revive culture and provide a platform for charismatic, budding talent in live form.

ajgreaves illustrations