The Sangban is the "heart" of the rhythm and gives it its identity – Mamady Keita, Master African drummer Just as the Sangban drum provides the tempo and soul to the Malinke drum arrangement, the SangBangDJs have each delivered the soundtrack to many smoky Doha dance-floors over the last 6 years.

Now, Steve Paris, Chino Vv & Longplayer join forces to express our love for life-affirming music which informs and uplifts the dancer – deep electronic nuggets brushed with African licks, soulful grooves with a little bump and a lick of tech to keep you moving.

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SangBangDJs. We come to bang the drum.

SangBanG Djs - Chino Vv & Steve Paris laying it down at IMNOMAD (Doha) this season in the first back to back feature in 2018

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