gambit dj



A dj with a real passion for sharing his love of great music with people. Whether it be an intimate venue or a super club, the premise is always the same - providing the perfect soundtrack for the setting.

Hailing from London, his musical interest was initially fed by his parents’ love of African, Soul, Rare Groove and Reggae music, and then nurtured by a fascination with electronic music acts like Daft Punk, Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers. 

The explosion of House and Garage in his hometown coincided with his desire to learn how to mix & share music he loved. Playing productions from legends such as Todd Edwards, Kerri Chandler, Grant Nelson, Tuff Jam, MJ Cole and Dem 2, he quickly developed a style which allowed him to produce sets that were often noted for their technical ability, cutting and chopping his way through quality 4/4 and 2-step beats with infectious energy.

As time progressed and Garage got darker (Grime) and darker still (Dubstep), pirate radio beckoned, which saw him bring the same energy and passion for quality music to the airwaves a number of London’s underground stations.

A return to his House roots saw him move into clubs, providing him with a chance to spread his take on the genre up and down the UK. 

Now residing in Doha and specialising in quality House music of the Afro, Soulful, Deep and Tech variety, gambitdj continues on his mission – “I love the vibe and energy that good music creates and the chance to share this with people gives me a buzz not many other things can. Times, genres and even fashions may fade– but good quality music will always shine bright.”