B-BOY Lewi... Is he the future? We think so!


Breaking moved a step closer to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The sport’s medal debut was last October at the Buenos Aires Youth Summer Games.

The future looks bright for the raw talent, the mentors and the OG's that have paved the way since the emergence in the early 70's!

A close friend of the Vv collective 'Zee Half-Ape' AKA Curtis (Click Here) a breaking don who lives and breathes culture and is a genuine soul, has continually supported The Vinyl Vandals brand over the years and linked us with CypherHogz, a young breaking collective which he mentors.

'Zee Half-Ape' has nurtured and supported a lot of talent in the UK scene including a special talent BBOY-Lewi.

Since crossing paths with Lewis and hooking him up with with some merchandise, his passion and desire have been paramount and it has been a pleasure to follow his journey during this short space of time!

Everything about BB culture is embeded in his soul

Lewis aka Bboy Lewi is 11 years old, originally from Wales now living in Cornwall, UK.

Lewi got into dancing after watching Sky TV’s ‘Got To Dance’ at the age of 7. Initially thinking Lewis wanted to do streetdance, his parents enrolled him in a traditional streetdance studio. However, Lewis had other ideas; refusing to go back he made them watch YouTube until he found videos of bboys, letting them know that Breaking was what he wanted to do! 

Since those early days of going to class once a week, Lewi has dedicated himself to learning and progressing with his art through dancing. Expressing himself with dynamic movements and a battle maturity that already makes him a fierce competitor.

Already a seasoned traveller to many UK and European jams, along his way he’s won a UDEF kids jam at FamFest, Miami, USA and got to the top 16 at WAF18, China.

Lewi also made the final at Battle of Honour in Belgium and most recently taking the runner up at Breakmission in the UK which was an Under 18’s high level international battle.

With a passion for fast footwork, dynamic threads and clean powermoves makes him one to watch in the future as Breaking starts to enter the Olympics.