Why Spotify & Soundcloud will elevate your Social Media reach as a DJ or Artist...


Spotify and Soundcloud recently launched the ability for artist or users to share the songs, tracks, albums or podcasts they’re listening to from Spotify or Soundcloud to a number of different social platforms…

For all DJs and artist who have good engagement and interaction on Instagram, Facebook or What’s App, using Spotify and Soundcloud will allow your music to travel further, especially if you can encourage your followers and fans who use these platforms to share your content.

Spotify and Soundcloud have simplified the way you can now share music, podcast or tracks from their streaming platform to a number of social platforms, with a one click action, which will allow your music to extend on its reach.

The ability to share directly to Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter or What’s App with a click to action is a game changer, which all DJs & Artists should take full advantage of.

We know from talking to both fans, followers, DJs and artists that sharing music is one of the easiest ways to express a mood or tell a story. Hopefully all DJs and artists will build this into their marketing strategy to maximise on reach and engagement!

We really hope Mixcloud, iTunes and other platforms follow the same process…

Happy sharing.

See below the step by step guide and examples…


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