Record Store Day 2018


Why we love VINYL, why the hunt continues...  

The emotional attachment to every purchase can be somewhat spiritual... Hunting down records, digging through creates, saving all your money, spending all your money, is something most millenniums will never really understand.  The touch, the feel, the process, the connection amongst others within the same environment are some of the reasons we SHOUT Save Vinyl, knowing full-well it will never die!

Saturday 21st April 2018 celebrates a culture of record stores in the UK.  For those of you getting involved, expect to witness long cues of smiling vinyl geeks plotting to bag some gems. 

For Chino Vv who resides in Qatar, where record store culture is non existent, its all about selecting the classics at hand and embracing that feeling.  

This year he looks back at a vinyl purchased in 2011 from a record store in Manchester called Eastern Bloc Records.


Side A is an easy, enjoyable breakbeat number by Roy Davis. Fast forward to Side B, the Solid Groove Remix and it's an absolute dance floor BANGER, bringing that Chicago house vibe to wax!

Close to being one of my all-time favourite tracks, the sound is typical of Solid Groove with a slight glitchyness, punchy kick drum,  and that brilliant hard digital funk he always delivers.

The drop after first build up gets me every time. Not only an iconic track but an iconic record cover!  Vv&out

A true Soulful House classic from Shaun Escofrey will be re-released on UK Record Store Day 2018! 

Those of you that love “The Southport Weekender or SunceBeat festival will all know and love this one! Vv&out

Here is a great insight to Record Store Day across the UK...