The Battle for Hearts and Minds - #TBFHAM Apparel

“The Battle for Hearts and Minds” will tackles some of the most taboo topics in the Western World. This isn’t just a tshirt, it’s the start of a journey. So come on and join me, follow #tbfhm challenge your thoughts and perceptions and see the world through the eyes of others. As a gift to you, each fair trade, organic tshirt comes with an exclusive free download of the first track on my forthcoming album. Peace and blessings”.
— SaVvy

Saving Grace is an independent creative imprint working with all forms of contemporary creation. Releasing Art, Fashion, Design & Music on both digital/ physical formats from both established artists as well as mentored young adults referred from our social enterprise arm of Saving Grace.

A personal favourite of the Vv collective...
Salute SaVvy and the Yorkshire creatives Vv&out #SoNorthern #Huddersfield