andrew Harris



Andrew Harris has a unique musical past; forming his foundations as a drummer for several years in his native province of Nova Scotia, he eventually decided to pack away his drumsticks and see the world

Along his travels he fell in love with many genres that would influence his taste in music, and was captivated by a variety of electronic performances that would forever change his musical direction. After trading in he decided to trade his drumsticks for turntables, relying heavily on his strong rhythmic sense, he set out to begin a new musical adventure. 

After learning the necessary skills for his new endeavor, he began playing smaller clubs slowly developing a sense of how to create the infamous “groove”. In the last year he has performed at events for the biggest brands in electronic music including: The Ministry of Sound, Mambo Cafe, and Hed Kandi.  He continues to make a name for himself in his new home of Doha having had very successful residencies at some of the Doha’s top lounges and clubs such as: Nozomi, Flip Flops and Pure.